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host and main organizer

Hungarian Forestry Association

professional partner

Orienteering - Pécs Foundation

professional partner

Helian NaTour Travel naturally & actively

accomodation organizer and co-organizer


Mecsekerdő Forestry Co. Ltd. – host and main organizer

Our limited company is among the forestries of Hungary that work in very diversified geographical conditions. Diversity originates in the harmonious attachment of different terrain features which is particularly characteristic of South-Transdanubia. The Southern border of our silviculture territory is the River Dráva(Drave) which is the state border as well. It is a zone of flood area forests at 100-110 meters above sea level. This region is known as "Ormánság" with sand hills in certain parts. North-west of Ormánság lies the "Zselic" region in Somogy county. It is a hilly land geographically formed in the Pannonian Age with an average height of 130-140 meters. The greatest inselberg of South-Transdanubia is the range of Mecsek Hills - exceptionally rich in natural values - stretching from east to west. The major valleys of the Mecsek Hills are significantly of north-south direction with a main valley dividing the hills into Western- and the Eastern-Mecsek. The hills are 400-600 meters above sea level.
  • In our two forestry schools, in Mókus Suli at Árpádtető, and in Kikerics at Sasrét we are providing the opportunity for children to learn about nature which surrounds them.
  • The oldest forestry railway of the country was founded by baron Rezső Biederman in 1901. The railway operates passenger services between Almamellék and Sasrét.
  • Our Company controls one of the largest adventure parks of the country, the Mecsextrém Park in Pécs. The Park offers programs not only for families and school classes, but for team building purposes as well.
  • The Mecsekerdő Zrt. has realized the crucial importance of a healthy lifestyle, and we know that pure fruit juices are playing a significant role in it. That is the main reason why we built our own factory at Kárász to produce 100% natural fruit juices.

Hungarian Forestry Association – professional partner

With its 3200 member, the Hungarian Forestry Association is the largest and longest established, leading professional organization in Hungary. The vision of the Association is to satisfy certain needs of the society by creating and improving the circumstances of the sustainable use of natural resources. The mission of the organization is not only the aiding of professional cooperation and maintaining tradition, but preserving the professional hungarian forestry language and providing the entire society with information and knowledge about our forests on a daily basis. 
The program of the Association is quite diverse:
1. Environmental protection / 2. Nature conservation / 3. Scientific research / 4. Cultural heritage preservation / 5. Education / 6. Social work, elderly care / 7. National relations

Orienteering - Pécs Foundation – professional partner

The „Orienteering-Pécs” Foundation offers a stable background and stands behind the orienteering society in Baranya-county. It represents a firm bond between associations, athletes, family and other organizations. The mission of the foundation is: Establishing the technical background for orienteering events; Organizing local competitions.
The members of the foundation differ very much in profession. They have doctors, bankers, teachers and carpenters as volunteers in their midst. The Board coordinates the management and the administration. The work of the volunteers have been controlled by skilled professional leaders for several years now. The foundation showed up as organizer in 1983 and managed the qualification round for the orienteering world championship. After that they organized Junior European Championship (’86), Hungary Cup (’97, ’07) and even Hungarian Championship until 2011, when they got to be the host of the World Masters Orienteering Championship.
Major achievements:
  • Hosting the 2011 WMOC for 4000 competitors as a civil organization with 350 volunteers
  • Raising a competitive junior generation
  • Managing the most successful orienteering sport club in Hungary over the past 10 years.

Helian NaTour Travel naturally & actively –  responsible for accomodation services

Helian NaTour Travel is a pioneer of eco-tourism in Hungary. On our tours we try to introduce Hungary's natural and cultural values to our guests so that we pay attention to the preservation of our fragile environment. Our guides extremely knowledgeable, experienced either on bike, canoe or hiking tours. They know our natural and cultural values, and able to provide secure and carefree travel experiences, in the whole East European Region.
Our Travel Agency provides a wide range of service which ensure that the clients of the EFOL will find the most suitable accommodation. Our company provides a bridge between local communities and travelers. At the famous hospitality of the people in Hungary, on domestic food and good wine - Helian is the way to pleasure. Are you ready to join to us? We look forward to seeing you!
A wide range of services of The Helian NaTour Travel ensure to everybody find the most suitable and comfortable accommodation.
Helian NaTour Travel
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