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Forestry seminar - 12.08.2015

Forestry in Hungary
lecture of Mr. Tamás Ali
deputy director, NÉBIH
Impacts of climate change on health of the Hungarian forests
lecture of Mr. György Csóka
NARIC Forest Research Institute
Destination Description
A  Zselic area Participants will discover the largest deer farm in Hungary in the morning. The lunch will be served at the Kikerics forest school. After visiting a 200 years old primary forest in Sasrét, the group will travel with the forestry railway to Almamellék. The final program of the day will be the visit to the monuments of the Hungarian -Turkish Friendship park.
B  West-Mecsek area The group will visit the Pannonpower biomass energy plant near the city, and the 4th century early Christian burial sites which are part of the Unesco World Heritage. After lunch at the forestry school, a presentation will take place in Sás-valley about the potential role of continuous cover forestry.
C  East-Mecsek area You will have an opportunity to visit the famous Zsolnay Factory and participate on a tour. After seeing the cultural district of Pécs, the group will go to the Eastern-Mecsek for a 6,4 km hike.
Topics of the hike:
1st stop: Lackeri forest: Continuous cover forestry in sub-mountain beech forest region.
2nd stop: Cigányhegyi viewtower: Gamekeeping, tourism and landscape protection.
3rd stop: Kisújbánya:The history of glass production in the region. Lunch and beverages before the walk through the Óbánya-valley.
D  Dráva plain The most popular tree species of the Dráva-plain is the pedunculate oak. This tree produces durable heartwood which always have high price on the market. That is the reason why this species is planted for forestry in the region. The traditional forest management techniques are being replaced with sustainable forest handling and this creates a difficult situation knowing the needs of the oak. The professionals in this area have a tradition of finding new, better ways and solutions.
During the day the group will go on a boat tour on the Dráva River which will be followed by a presentation about the local forest management. Lunch will be served before the wine-tasting in a local winecellar at Palkonya. Number of participants for the programme is limited to 45 people. . If all places will be filled up before the registration deadline the registration will close. Thank you for your understanding.
Fees Adult Juniors under 14 years
Professional excursion 20 EUR 16 EUR