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Hunting Culture

Dear Visitor,

Mecsek Forestry Co. Ltd. manages a hunting ground of more than 30.000 hectares (that equals more than 74 131 acres) thus it is the largest forestry in the county and one of the largest in Hungary. Due to the fact that our hunting grounds are characteristically mountainous, the quality of trophies is average in accordance with the natural habitat, but each year some deer and wild boar with excellent trophies are bagged. 700-800 red deers, 60 fallow deers, 350-400 roe deers and 1100-1200 wild boars are bagged each year, around 2400 big games in total.
The aims of managing livestock are to create equilibrium of habitat renewal and maintain a high quality of livestock. Game preserves (two for wild boars and one for games) have been set up as well in order to achieve these aims.

Our hunting lodges that satisfies all needs, could provide quality services for all of our Hungarian and foreign clients during the hunts. After the hunting season lodges stay at the disposal of our guest and could serve numerous functions (i.e. conference tourism). Our expert staff assures successful hunting.

Tradition of hunting (hunting horn blowing, spreading of table) is respected and maintained both on hunts for teams and for individuals. Various types of hunting (driven, stalking, ambush) are available for our clients.

Our hunting lodges are available for 40 weeks in a year as guesthouses for tourist who would like to enjoy nature destinations. A guesthouse in Sikonda and Orfű also welcomes all clients.

Due to the geographical conditions, our company manages various types of trees and the fact that 78% of them are autochthonous species further increases their value.

Besides game and forest management, two major investments have been implemented. A new plant has been constructed in Kárász processing secondary products of our forests. At present it is producing 100% pure fruit juice based on apple, but further expansion of product line is planned with dried forest fruits and other bioproduct. The other major investment was the foundation Mecsextrém Park, an adventure park offering relaxing experience and various sport facilities for everyone from child to adults. Special attention is paid to provide endless hours of entertainment for disabled persons.

We could assume that in most of our activities we have decades of experience, our expert and vocational colleagues do their best to achieve higher and higher level of service each year.

We respect and maintain the culture of hunting and forestry inherited from our ancestors. The 1st Official Hungarian Hunting Horn Competition in July 2009 was its prominent milestone and served also as rehearsal of the 1st Hungarian International Hunting Horn Contest organized in the framework of Pécs 2010 Cultural Capital of Europe. This program fits perfectly to the events organized by Mecsek Forestry Co. Ltd. covering forestry, mining and metallurgy. Hopefully the hunting horn contest will be the most valuable event of all and will remain as everlasting and sweet memories for both the participants and the guests.

Positive feedbacks received from the participants and visitors of the contest organized in 2009 confirmed us that we are on the right track to establish such a hunting culture in Hungary that further enhances its fame and will come up to the far-famed Austrian, Czech, German and Swiss hunting horn blowers.

Please honour us with your presence, be our guest at the events and celebrate with us!

1. International Huntinghorn Contest

The groups reaching the highest point rate and the soloists reaching the highest points are offered a challenge-cup – horn of a hungarian grey cattle beef. Having won it three times, the challenge-cup will become the property of the group or soloist.