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Wood utilisation
It is conscious activity aimed at exploiting wood as a renewable source of energy. It is part of the forest farming process.
It is farming interference in the life of our middle aged and old forests. It should be noted about the ages, that in the case of fast growing tree types (poplars, willow-trees, alders) this age is 10-20 years or 20-40 years; while in the case of slowly growing tree types (oak, beech) by middle age we mean 30-90 years and by old age we mean over 90 years.
In their middle age we farm our forests with similarly conscious sylvicultural actions. During it we select the boles and look for the most excellent trunks. It is called bole selecting cleaning.
In the next period we help the vertical and horizontal growth of selected boles. It is called growth assisting cleaning.
In the old or ripe age of the forest the final utilisation of the grown, high quality wood is realised to supply the national economy.
During the final utilisation activity we apply different usage methods according to the growing stock.
Clear-felling: we apply clear-felling in forests that do not contain the renewable tree species (pine, fine poplars, willow-trees, acacias etc.). During it the exploitation happens with one felling in the course of one year.
Dark-felling: we treat acorn bearing, naturally renewing oak groves, beech groves, Turkey-oak groves with dark-felling. Duration: 3 years.
Select cutting: it is used in the protection zones of forest nature reserves, park forests in the period of 30-60 years.
During final usage and growing clearing our emphatic view-point is using mild and nature friendly technologies. By it we mean the protection of soil, new trees and the remaining tree species. To fell trees leading machines must be used, that transport the cleared trees from the forests in the air, in a hung position or with a trailer having pneumatic tyres. These machines are the following: rope-ways, articulated tractors, discharge equipment