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The hunting field of 5800ha lies in the eas te rn pa r t of Mecsek Mountains on the border of Baranya and Tolna Counties. The surface is combination of mountainous and hilly terrain with valleys.
63% of the area is forest, out of which 3000ha is coherent woodland and smaller isolated isles of trees. The gameland is 70ha.
Game   Pcs Average trophy Top trophy
70 reddeer stag 14 7,5 kg 12,10 kg (1987)
  hind 56    
20 fallow deer stag 5 3,5 kg 4,20 kg (1987)
4,15 kg (1996)
4,60 kg (1998)
  cow 10    
40 roedeer roebuck 15 280 gr 410 gr (1987)
  doe, fawn 25    
60 wildboar boar 15 16-17 cm 22,0 cm (1995)
  sow 10    
  piglet and
You can hunt for roedeer, reddeer, fallow deer and wildboar. The gamestock here is better than in the neighbouring fields. The area where the hills of Tolna County and Mecsek Mountains reach into each other is the main territory of the reddeer stag.
The rut of the stags of reddeer and fallow deer is an unbelievable hunting experience.
You can practice hunting from one of the 120 available shooter's post or you can stalk. Hunting from coach or sleigh is popular, too.
Accommodation and catering is offered in the renovated hunterseat of Mészkemence having 7 rooms with bathroom. Fourteen hunters can be accommodated in the hunterseat of Mészkemence.