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General Information


Dear Virtual Visitor,

Our Company is one of Hungary's most important gameholder with its 32.500 ha hunting ground. Our hunting fields have a high diversity of geographical endowments as beside the the beautiful Mecsek mountains and Zselic hills our Company manages the floodplains of River Drave. Our stock of game enables the bagging of 2240 big games of which there are 700 reddeers, 1100 wildboars, 400 roedeers and 40 fallowdeers.
Among the huntable game the excellent quality stock of reddeers are distinguished. The most excellent trophies ( 15.95 kg 1980 and 15.60 kg 1991 ) are from the floodplain of River Drave, but there are stags of about 10 kg bagged in the mountains, too, every year.
The quality of our wildboar stock is of average, there are only a few boars with tusk longer than 22cm. Besides individual hunting for wildboars, the well organized beatings for boars are more and more popular.
The premiere of our roe-deer stock of the plains was bagged in 1984 and weighed 565 g. Our bucks are of average in the mountains, but hunting for them is a great experience.
The best trophy of our relatively small stock of fallow-deers was 4.6 kg and was bagged during the 1998 season. 
Our professional hunters still practicing the tradidition of the use of hunting horns and bloodhounds, and our evocative hunterseats are expecting guests during the whole year. 
You can send your questions to the:
Hunting Travel Agency of Mecsek Forestry Co. Ltd.
Rét u.8. PÉCS, HUNGARY, H-7623
Tel: +36 (72) 508-222, Fax: +36 (72) 508-201

General Information

After registering for hunting we have our guest sign a contract and do the necessary administration and other formalities through the Hunt Organisation Office (Letter of Invitation, Gun Import Licence, maps).
Practice hunting is only possible exclusively according to the Hungarian Law. Hired hunting is only allowed if Hunting Ticket and Hunting Licence, insurance and contract is possessed. The necessary documents are provided by Mecsek Forestry Plc. Our guests can hunt only in the company of attendant sent out by the chosen hunting region. 
In case of trophy-game the size of the trophy estimated by the attendant can differ ±15% from the effective size. Our guests are to accept the difference. This method can not be applied in the case of wildboars. 
 After hunting on the basis of the shooting list signed by the guest and the head of the hunting area a bill is made out that can be paid in cash, check, money transfer or credit card. The Hunting Area can ask for advance payment. 
Veterinary and customs certificates necessary for exporting must be provided by the hunt organiser. Exporting trophies to the European Union is possible through
To claim the 25% VAT you must certify the exporting the trophies. Should the trophies not be exported officially, we must have our guests pay the VAT.
Hegyeshalom – Nickelsdorf      daily           0,00 – 24,00 h
Sopron – Deutschkreuz              Mo-Fr 8,00 – 20,00 h
                                                        Sa  8,00 – 18,00 h